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Chris Guld (the author of this blog) and her husband, Jim Guld are the Geeks On Tour. Their main website is, and their YouTube channel is They do a regular YouTube show called “What Does This Button Do?” It is an educational show about Smartphones and Technology. Google Photos is a regular topic.

Here is a listing of all the shows they’ve done with Google Photos as the topic. The links will take you to the YouTube video. Each video is a recording of a 45-60 minute live show. If you are a premium member of, you can visit the YouTube Show page and every episode is listed, along with detailed show notes and time stamps.

  1. Episode 194, 7/8/20: Google Photos – Redesigned
  2. Episode 191, 5/17/20: What is Google Photos and how to use it
  3. Episode 189, 4/12/20: Digitizing your old photo albums AND showing them on TV with Chromecast and Google Photos
  4. Episode 188, 3/29/20: How to get your slides into Google Photos
  5. Episode 183, 1/24/20: Relax and Keep your photos organized – a recipe
  6. Episode 179, 11/24/19: Google Photos 2019 what’s new
  7. Episode 175, 9/8/19: Google Photos – Questions answered
  8. Episode 171, 7/28/19: Tip: Downloading from Google Photos (main lesson is backup your photos to 2 cloud services.)
  9. Episode 170, 7/14/19: Google Photos: Getting Started on Mobile Devices
  10. Episode 165, 5/13/19: How to share your photos with Google Photos
  11. Episode 164, 4/21/19: Tip: Google Photos and Lens to read QR Codes (main lesson on GBoard)
  12. Episode 159, 1/6/19: Google Photos Albums, Organize and Share
  13. Episode 150, 8/12/18: Google Photos for video editing
  14. Episode 145, 6/17/18: Google Photos Questions Answered
  15. Episode 138, 3/25/18: Uploading photos from your computer or camera to Google Photos
  16. Episode 134, 1/21/18: Scanning photos with Google PhotoScan
  17. Episode 132, 12/17/17: Google Photos for Picasa Users
  18. Episode 125, 9/23/17: Google Photos – What’s New?
  19. Episode 119, 7/2/17: Photo albums with Google Photos
  20. Episode 116, 4/30/17: Google Photos – our favorite features
  21. Episode 111, 2/26/17: Tip: Use Google Photos, not the native app (main lesson is adding photos to My Maps
  22. Episode 104, 12/18/16: Book Launch – Mrs. Geek’s Guide to Google Photos
  23. Episode 101, 11/21/2016: Quick tip about Deep Blue edit feature (main lesson is on setting up a smartphone)
  24. Episode 98, 10/23/16: Editing with Google Photos and Snapseed, guests: Russ Buchman and Greg Gambone
  25. Episode 83, 6/15/16: Google Photos FAQ
  26. Episode 77, 4/10/16: Google Photos, what’s new
  27. Episode 71, 2/21/16: Picasa retires. Switch to Google Photos? A panel discussion
  28. Episode 65, 1/3/16: How to make a movie in Google Photos
  29. Episode 62, 12/13/15: Google Photos Shared Albums
  30. Episode 50, 8/30/15: Focus on Photos with Google Photos and Photofy
  31. Episode 44, 7/15/15: What to do with all those photos? Is Google Photos the answer. Guest Phil May
  32. Episode 42, 6/14/15: Getting Started with Google Photos
  33. Episode 41, 5/31/15: A tip on Google Photos with Guest Martin Brossman (main lesson is on Google Hangouts)
  34. Episode 19, 11/9/14: Your phone’s pictures in the cloud using Google+ Photos Google+ was the predecessor to Google Photos. In this episode we chat with 3 guests: Robin Seaver, Judy McDowell, and Catherine Tracy

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