Using Google Photos you can now share photos with a conversation just like texting

Direct Sharing

Have you ever shared a picture using Google Photos and the recipient says they never got it? Did they tell you to send it in a text message instead because they like how a text message keeps a running conversation along with the pictures?
If so, you’ll love this new feature in Google Photos – it makes sharing any photo(s) from Google Photos act just like text messaging. It’s rolling out now on iOS, Android and Web! 
  • Select your photo(s)
  • Tap the share button or 
  • Find your friend’s icon in your contact list and select them (or you can create a group)
  • Type a message (optional)
  • Tap Send
  • You should see a scrolling conversation with your photos and your text as well as any responses from your recipient. It looks just like a text message. If you don’t see this, then your device has not yet received the feature.

The first time you send a photo to a person, that person will receive an email notification as well as a push notification (pop up on your screen) from Google Photos. After the first time, they will only receive the push notification. 

Only works with Google Photos users

You can use this method to share photos with someone not in your contact list by tapping the Search button entering their email address or phone number. This will only work if Google finds a google account using that phone number or email. If it does find someone, you can select them and continue. If it doesn’t find a Google account with that address, then you can’t use this method. After tapping the share button choose “Share to apps” instead and select your email or texting app.

Use this saved conversation next time

The photos sent between you and this recipient are still collected in a shared album, just like before the change. So, next time you want to send a photo, instead of selecting the photo and tapping the share button, you can tap on your sharing section and find the album shared between the two of you and tap the Add to album Add to album button.
 For more info, read  announcement here. or  Help Center article

Sharing with a Link

This is still my preferred way of sending photos to someone when I don’t know if they use Google Photos, or what messaging app they use. When you select photo(s), click the Share button and you should see an option to “Create Link” (on iOS, you need to tap on “Share To:” before you see Create Link.)  Once you have a link created, you’ll see the message “Link Copied, you can share it in an app.” Now you can go to any app you’d like, email, text, WhatsApp, Facebook, anything, and paste that link. Any recipient will be able to click the link and see the photos.  Don’t know how to ‘paste?” Here’s a video

I keep a running list of all the Google Photos updates I notice. You can see my list by visiting and click on the heading for Google Photos updates. 

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