Using Google Photos to Edit Video

If you know how easy it is to trim off the beginning and end of videos, you will take more videos and share them with friends! Google Photos has this trim capability built right in to the mobile app, on your iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device-not on the computer. So, go ahead and take that video on your phone – view it and trim the junk from the beginning and end. You’re done.

Preparing to take a video often means some messiness in the beginning. It’s easy to get rid of that!

This can be done right in Google Photos app. You don’t need any of the movie maker tools

  1. View your video
  2. Tap edit button
  3. Drag white markers to desired beginning and end
  4. Save
This will save a copy with the same date as the original, we recommend you share to YouTube

    And, there’s more … you can rotate and stabilize video too. You can crop out content in the middle of your video by using the simple movie maker tools in Google Photos. Using those Google Photos movie maker tools, you can also combine several video clips and still photos into one movie, complete with music. When you’re done, just tap the share button and choose YouTube. We recommend sharing to YouTube because it provides the best viewing experience. You can choose to make the YouTube video public, or just share with friends.

    We will be demonstrating these video editing features in Episode 150 of What Does This Button Do?

    LIVE today, Sunday 8/12/18 2pm Mountain Time (4pm Eastern, 3 Central, 1 Pacific)

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