Updates to Google Photos

Two days after my book on Google Photos was published, there was an update that affects Chapter 7. First I’ll tell you about that update, then I’ll tell you how you can keep up with all updates.

Editing Videos

9/3/20: a change to the Apple iOS version of Google Photos now allows you to use editing tools on videos. Have you ever wished you could crop a video? How about brighten it up a bit? Well, now you can. All the same editing tools we find on photos are now available for videos – but only on iPhones right now.

A list of all updates

That’s how it goes with web-based software, it can change on a whim. That’s why I have a web page just for listing Google Photos updates. I recommend you check on it often. For items that happen after the book was published, I am noting the affected chapter so you can make a note in your own book. Here are the current recent updates noted:

  • 9/3/20: Chapter 7 iPhone only – video editing with light and color adjustments, filters, and more. Using the video scrubber, you can preview any edits applied throughout the video. see article by The Verge
  • 8/26/20: Canon DSLR cameras can now directly upload original quality photos over WiFi to Google Photos. A Google One subscription is required. Official Announcement
  • 8/19/20: Android only: Third party apps can now access Google Photos albums to insert or attach a photo. Android Police article  In Gmail or Keep when I choose to insert a photo, I can select Google Photos and scroll down to see my albums. I don’t see this feature in truly 3d party apps like WhatsApp or Facebook or my Samsung texting app.
  • 8/3/20: You can now see what photos on your phone are not backed up. Select the Account button in the upper right. If there are images that are not backed up, you will see a message like “99 items left to backup.” Tap on that message and you will see a grid with all those photos and videos. You will see a circular arrow on any images that are currently in process of backing up. You can also select individual photos and Back up.
  • 7/28/20: Video editing can export one frame of the video to become a photo.
  • 7/25/20: Album sorting comes to the Web version.

Make sure to check the Updates listing regularly.

2 thoughts on “Updates to Google Photos”

  1. will renew for second time October
    having a senior moment-
    can the sender’s albums and shared pictures be altered or erased by others on my end. I know they can become public when sent and can be added to when allowed.
    I just do not want to lose a picture – know you have been there/done that!

    tx dan

    1. Hi Dan,
      No need to worry about your photos in your album. When you share it you are still the owner. No one else can edit or delete your photos from the shared album. They can save a copy to their own library and edit that – but your original is safe and sound.

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