Ten ways of using albums in Google Photos

If you’re not making albums, you’re not using the capabilities of Google Photos. It’s by adding photos to albums that you can make your own groupings. Realize that Albums are NOT like folders, they do not store your photos. Photos are stored in one bucket, just called Google Photos. Any given photo can show up in one or more albums, they’re just marked to display in that album. If you delete a photo from Google Photos – it’s gone from the album. If you remove a photo from an album, it’s still in Google Photos. To make an album:

  • Select the photos you want in the album
  • Click/tap the + in the upper right corner
  • Choose Album
  • Give the album a name and click/tap the checkmark at top left

If you have pictures from your visit to New England to see lighthouses, you could have one album called New England vacation, that shows your travels along with lots of lighthouse pictures. If you have also been to many other locations to see lighthouses, you might want to make an album called lighthouses that spotlights your best lighthouse photos. One picture of the lighthouse on the cliff in Acadia can show up in both albums.

  1. Showcase your good photos and videos.
  2. Collect your special categories that you want to show in an instant. 
  3. Tell a story, complete with text blocks and maps. See our 2017 Italy album, or Geek’s story
  4. Share groups of photos easily
  5. Collaborate with groups of people such as everyone on a trip
  6. Use for digital photo frames
  7. Use for making books
  8. Use for making movies
  9. Use for downloading backups
  10. Auto updating albums aka Live Albums. Think photo frame at Grandma’s house auto adding photos of of grandkids
In this YouTube show we discuss these different options.

Chris Guld is President and Teacher-in-Chief at GeeksOnTour.com. She has been in computer training and support since 1983. She is now a Product Expert for the Google Photos Forum, owner of the LearnGooglePhotos.com blog, and author of Mrs. Geek’s Guide to Google Photos
She loves to teach! If you want to learn, you’ve come to the right place.

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