Please, Google Photos, we need these features

I’ve been using Google Photos since it was first released in 2015 and I love it. My entire lifetime of photos (and videos) are in my Google Photos account and I can find any moment from my life in seconds. As soon as I learned enough about it, I took it on as my mission to help others do the same. Google recognized me as a product expert in January of 2016 and I have now risen to the status of “Diamond.” I say this to make it clear that I am not a whiner about Google Photos. I do think it is the best system out there for managing the tsunami of photos we take these days. But, it’s not perfect, and I want to go on record with my list of important features that are missing.

Google Photos’ mission is to provide one private home for all your photos and videos, organized and brought to life, so that you can share and save what matters.

People have different needs when it comes to their photos. Where are you on this scale?

This “IPO” scale is just something I made up to explain why some people love Google Photos and others don’t. If you are a 1, it means you don’t pay much attention to your photos. You’re thrilled to know that Google photos automatically backs them up to the cloud, in date order, and you can search through them any time you want. It will even remind you of fun memories. You don’t have to do a thing, Google Photos is made to order for you. If you are an ambitious photo organizer (#5), you’ve been organizing your pictures for years. You really like the folder/subfolder structure you have for your photos on your computer and you want to keep it. You probably also rename your photos according to a system you’ve developed and you manually tag every photo. You can’t do these things with Google Photos so you won’t be happy.


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