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How to privately store, organize, edit, and share your lifetime of photos.

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Pictures of My Feet

I like taking pictures of beautiful scenery as much as the next person, but I also like taking pictures of my feet. Yep, I…

Mrs. Geek’s Year End Photo Tasks

I count on Google Photos to keep ALL my photos together, in one place with no effort on my part. Once I’ve installed the…

Try Searching your Photos

You may be very surprised at what Google Photos can deliver just by searching for whatever comes to mind. On your phone, your tablet,…

Top 7 Reasons to Love Google Photos

#7: It makes fun creations from your photos and videos. Sometimes it does it automatically without you even asking. Sometimes you want to make…

Want to be an Expert in Google Photos?

by Chris GuldWhen Google Photos first came out, I knew I wanted to become expert in it. I specialize in helping people manage their…

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