Learn Google Photos with Google Product Expert Chris Guld

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Learn from Platinum level Google Product Expert Chris Guld of Geeks on Tour.

How to privately store, organize, edit, and share your lifetime of photos.

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Google Photos Open Q&A 11-15-21

0:00 Begin 5:36 How to delete photos from my Android without deleting them from Google Photos 11:25 How to share a Google Photos album…

Google Photos Open Q&A August 2021

Geeks on Tour hosts this live-streaming session for anyone to ask any question about Google Photos. Here is the list of topics that were…

696. GP-iPhone widget

You will learn how to set up a widget on your iphone’s home screen that displays random memories from your Google Photos.

6/22/21 Google Photos Live Q&A

On June 22, we were live on YouTube, and Facebook for another round of Google Photos Q&A. Here is the recording and below that,…

Emailing photos using Google Photos

Ed has a question: When I try to email photos from my desktop google photos to recipients who have gmail, they are not receiving…

May 2021 – Google Photos Open Q&A

0:00 Beginning 2:24 Question about uploading from a folder on your computer 3:41 Question about backups getting stuck 6:26 How to use Google Lens…

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