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How to store, organize, edit, and share your lifetime of photos, private and free.

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Photo Descriptions

Isn’t it great when you’re looking at old family photos and you find notes written on the back that describe what’s in the photo?…

Using Google Photos to Edit Video

If you know how easy it is to trim off the beginning and end of videos, you will take more videos and share them…

Google Photos: Everything you need to know

I wrote a book about Google Photos. It’s titled Mrs. Geek’s Guide to Google Photos. The subtitle is “Your lifetime of photos, effortless and…

Moving from Picasa to Google Photos

As Geeks on Tour – we do a weekly webcast called “What Does This Button Do?” Episode 132 recorded on 12/17/17, was about Google…

Black and White Photos with Google Photos

“Tag, you’re IT!” That’s what it’s like in today’s world on Facebook. Its called a “Challenge” and the latest one is about Black and…

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