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As an RV traveler, this has to be my favorite feature of Google Photos. I take a picture every time we park at a new camp spot. Now, whenever we are away from that spot, I can easily navigate back there using this feature of Google Photos and Google Maps. You don’t have to be an RVer to use this feature though. What if a friend takes you to a special, nearly hidden, parking spot? You’ll never remember how to get there. Just take a photo and your phone will be able to use its GPS capabilities and get you back to the exact spot.
This works on iPhones or Android, but you must be using Google Photos and Google Maps.
  • Just view the photo and swipe up to reveal the map – see animation here.
  • Tap the map and you’ll go to Google Maps
  • In Google Maps, tap Directions, Choose starting point as Your Location, then >Start
Don’t see a map? 
That means your camera is not capturing location information when you take a photo. You need to turn the setting on:
Android: Open the camera, find settings, look for “Location Tags” or “GeoTags” and turn it on.
iPhone: Settings, Privacy, Location services = On, Camera = While using the App

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