May 2021 – Google Photos Open Q&A

A LIVE YouTube webcast on the 3d Monday of every month.
  • 0:00 Beginning
  • 2:24 Question about uploading from a folder on your computer
  • 3:41 Question about backups getting stuck
  • 6:26 How to use Google Lens
  • 7:30 Why do photos compress to such different sizes?
  • 8:40 What is meant by “Editing turns off motion”
  • 10:02 Should I turn off automatic upload after June 1?
  • 11:32 How to copy slides to Google Photos?
  • 13:02 How to get the Learn Google Photos book
  • 14:32 Explain how Pixel phones will have different rules after June 1
  • 16:28 Explain why some photos are added to my albums automatically
  • 18:55 How to use only Google Photos and turn off Apple Photos
  • 21:40 What is the orange dot notification
  • 24:20 How to directly transfer a large album to another person
  • 25:18 Can I move from Amazon photos to Google Photos?
  • 29:06 Is Shutterfly affected by the Google Photos changes on June 1
  • 31:38 How to Recover Storage
  • 34:16 Can photos automatically sync to my computer
  • 38:51 How to drag and drop from Google Photos to another app
  • 39:47 When sharing photos do they stay in sync?
  • 41:01 Copy and paste is a workaround for drag and drop
  • 47:05 Where can I see how much storage I’m using
  • 50:00 How to see the description of photos in slideshow
  • 52:20 Should we delete all our emails to free up space?
  • 55:03 Does a pic in multiple albums take up more storage?
  • 56:22 Can you search for terms in descriptions
  • 59:24 Are photos degraded in Google Photos?
  • 1:01:24 How to ask questions at Geeks on Tour (

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