Make Albums and Print a Photo Book from an Album

We just returned from a month-long trip to Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, and Berlin. How many pictures do you think we took? I used my iPhone 7+ and Jim used his Pixel XL phone as well as a Samsung Camera 2.  We took over 3,500 pictures and videos between the two of us.

We picked our best ones (445 photos) to share in an album, complete with text and maps to help tell the story. You can see the album here. Watch the video webinar below to learn all about how to make albums.

If you’re not making Albums, you’re not using Google Photos!

Here is our 45 minute What Does This Button Do Episode 119 on Photo Albums with Google Photos. The video starts with a demonstration of making a photo book. If you are a Geeks on Tour member, here are your #119 Show Notes.

The album is great, and I look at it all the time, but, I want an actual book to put on the coffee table so anyone can pick it up and browse our photos. Guess what, Google just added that feature to Google Photos!

In Google Photos, if you click on the Assistant, you will see a new button now for Photo Book. Click that, then you can select whatever photos you like – up to 100 of them – and click Done. That’s it, that’s all you have to do other than entering a credit card and an address for mailing your book. In a week or so, you will have a beautifully printed book with all the photos you selected.

Start with an Album and it’s even easier to make a book

When I made my photo book, I started with the album. After all, I had already selected my best photos for the album – I didn’t want to start from scratch selecting photos from my library.

  • Open the album
  • Click the 3-dot menu
  • Select “Create Photo Book”
  • Click Next
  • If your album has 100 or fewer pictures, they will all be added to the book. Since my album had many more, Google selected 100 for me. I could review and change their choices if I wanted, but I didn’t.
  • Click Order, enter credit card and address.
A couple of clicks and a credit card – it only took 2 minutes! My book with 100 photos cost about $40. 

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