How to use Depth Editor and Color Pop in Google Photos

I used the Color Pop feature to make our
Geeks on Tour coffee mug stand out.

Have you ever wished you could make a photo of a flower, or a person, really stand out – with the main subject in color and the rest in black and white?

Now you can!
It’s called Color Pop, and it is a new feature from our friends at Google Photos. It was announced along with Live Albums on Google’s product blog on October 9, 2018. At the time it was only available on the Pixel phone, but it has arrived on the iPhone now as well. 

Take a “Portrait” photo

The key to using the Depth Editor and the Color Pop features is to have a photo that was taken with the Portrait option on the camera. Check out this past article about Portrait mode as well as Lens Blur mode on the Pixel.
In case you don’t know how to take a portrait-style photo, here’s a video:

Depth Editor and Color Pop

Once you have a Portrait style photo, when you use the Edit button in Google Photos, you will see some new options. Color Pop is one of the filters you will see right away. Depth Editor is accessible with the Adjustments button. Here’s a video that shows you all about it.

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