Google Photos: you have questions, we have answers

How did Chris Guld become a Platinum level Google Product Expert for Google Photos? By answering questions on the Google support forum. She also answers questions for premium members, and for the facebook group, “Learn Google Photos.” Now she’s decided to go live once a month on our YouTube channel, to answer your questions on air. Every 3d Monday at 3pm Eastern time.

You can submit questions in advance by commenting on this post, or if you join us live, you can ask questions in the chat. 

This month’s Live Q&A

The next “Ask Chris anything” live session will be Monday, December 21 at 3pm Eastern (Miami) time. If you can watch it live, go to our YouTube channel so you can ask questions in the chat. If you miss the live stream, you can watch here.

Last month’s Live Q&A

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