Google Photos Quick Tip: Make that Picture POP!

One of the Google Photos editing tools is called “Pop.” What is Pop? Well, it’s hard to describe. It brightens a photo, increases the color, brings out some of the detail in the shadows and adds definition and contrast.

  • Open a Photo in Google Photos
  • Tap the Pencil to get into edit mode
  • Tap the Adjustments Tool and you’ll see Pop at the bottom
  • Drag the Pop slider to the right to increase Pop
This is one of those things where it’s a lot easier to show you than to describe it. Here are some examples of photos with the original on the left and with Pop added on the right.

    Original Photo                                                           with Pop 

Realize that I picked good examples of pictures where Pop makes a difference. It won’t always make a big difference, and sometimes you may not like what it does to a picture. But it’s such a simple edit to try – why not? You can always drag the slider back down to the left where it started.

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