Google Photos Open Q&A, June 20, 2022

  1. 2:34 Photos on phone don’t show up in Google Photos on computer – check accounts
  2. 7:24 Now that Google Photos is not completely free, are there any alternatives?
  3. 13:15 Can you share all your photos with someone?
  4. 14:35 What is the best app to resize photos from Google Photos to use as a thumbnail
  5. 15:46 Can I put my Google Photos on a hard drive and then free up space in Google Photos
  6. 17:41 How to put a photo into an album
  7. 20:32 Why are Google Photos duplicated on my iPad?
  8. 22:35 Our Samsung cameras autofocus doesn’t work right
  9. 23:40 Can I combine photos from multiple accounts into one Google Photos library?
  10. 27:07 How to control the order of photos in a Collage created by Google Photos
  11. 28:50 How to upload all photos from my computer to Google Photos
  12. 31:02 How to manually fix mis-identified faces 34:29 Example of “improvements” in Google Photos – locked folder
  13. 36:27 How do I UNshare an album
  14. 39:25 Does Drive for Desktop work for computers with ARM processors?
  15. 41:11 I take pictures with my iPhone, why don’t I see them on my iPad
  16. 45:57 How to put old printed photos into Google Photos – Photo Scan
  17. 50:24 Does deleting on Android work the same as on iPhone
  18. 51:14 Can I use Photo Scan directly, without Google Photos
  19. 52:14 What about changing the date of photos?
  20. 52:56 How to find albums, search and sort order 56:20 How to add a photo to an album
  21. 57:40 Wrap it up

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