Google Photos Open Q&A August 2021

Geeks on Tour hosts this live-streaming session for anyone to ask any question about Google Photos. Here is the list of topics that were discussed during this lively session! Just click on the time-stamp link to open the Youtube video at the appropriate place to view the question and answer.

  1. 0:00 Begin
  2. 1:25 Background and about book
  3. 6:15 Do I lose my folder structure when uploading to Google Photos?
  4. 9:33 How to get photos from an Apple Photos album to Google Photos?
  5. 13:57 How to make a printed book from photos in Google Photos?
  6. 16:14 How do I deal with duplicates in a shared album?
  7. 17:16 How to see photos by month instead of by day
  8. 19:37 What is the locked folder?
  9. 21:23 Can I order the people albums?
  10. 23:06 Is there any way to group albums?
  11. 28:29 Can I change the location of a photo?
  12. 29:57 Can I share an album link with someone who does not have a Google account
  13. 30:43 How to search photos by date
  14. 32:48 Deleting multiple photos
  15. 35:52 Low light photography discussion
  16. 36:42 High Quality vs Storage Saver size
  17. 37:42 Nesting albums – months and also year
  18. 38:52 Using a photo in contacts
  19. 39:52 Explanation of charges for Google Photos
  20. 41:52 Why is Google Photos taking so long to back up
  21. 44:02 Restoring photos to phone
  22. 45:44 Transferring photos to a new account
  23. 46:35 What happens if I stop paying?
  24. 47:59 How to post a video from Google Photos to Youtube
  25. 48:39 Partner sharing – how to save a photo to my library
  26. 49:59 Placing text blocks in albums
  27. 52:21 Can you make folders of albums?
  28. 52:56 What about captions?
  29. 55:05 Why does iPhone ask to access all my photos
  30. 56:50 Do members get access to the book?
  31. 57:08 About Google Sites – can we have more than one?
  32. 58:27 Live Long, Prosper, and take lots of photos!

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