Google Photos can stabilize videos

I hope you’ve discovered that your smartphone camera takes great videos, and videos add so much to the experience of your memories. Even just 15 second clips, combined with your photos, can bring your memories to life in delightful ways. But, any time you are hand-holding your phone while taking video, you run the risk of it coming out shaky.

If you are using an Android device and the Google Photos app, you’re in luck. There’s a simple, one-click option to “stabilize” your video. Just open the video and tap on the edit button below the video – the middle icon. Edit That will open up the video editing tools.

All you need to do is tap the button at the left called stabilize, and Google Photos will do all the rest. Notice that you also have the option to trim the beginning or end, and to rotate the video. When you’re done, tap Save a Copy in the upper right. Note: this feature does not exist on the iPhone version of Google Photos. I hear that the app Emulsio is supposed to do the same thing.

The results

The results of using the Stabilize function with Google Photos app on Android

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