Google Photos: Ask Chris Anything 3/29/22

Chris Guld is a Platinum level Google Photos product expert for Google. She also wrote the book: Learn Google Photos. On March 29, 2022 she hosted a live open Q&A about Google Photos. The one hour video is above. She addressed 30+ questions. Here is the listing of each question that was asked:

  1. 1:46 Why does Google Photos not have a red-eye correction
  2. 2:41 How to get all my old photos from Picasa to Google Photos
  3. 3:50 How to find referenced videos on
  4. 5:55 What do the 3 bars icon mean on the lower left corner of my photos in the library
  5. 7:16 Does my Pixel 5 unlimited free storage include photos from my computer
  6. 9:12 How to stop Android from including my What’s App photos?
  7. 10:46 How to get photos from SD card into Google Photos
  8. 12:45 How to get photos from my scanner to Google Photos
  9. 13:49 How to post videos from my phone to YouTube
  10. 15:05 How to remove backgrounds
  11. 16:27 Should I pay the $1.99/mo?
  12. 18:00 Google Drive for Desktop issues
  13. 19:30 Can I get rid of duplicates
  14. 22:08 Sharing an album as a copy?
  15. 23:43 Fixing green-eye
  16. 24:30 How to select multiple photos on web version
  17. 25:49 Discuss backup quality
  18. 27:37 Talk about Google Photos PWA
  19. 29:16 Making albums with starred photos
  20. 31:26 “Trouble exporting image” when using Save As in motion photo
  21. 33:41 How to send feedback
  22. 34:19 How to make albums from folders of photos on my computer
  23. 35:18 Do photos attached to emails take up space in my 15GB Google allotment
  24. 35:56 When I download photos, will I get the descriptions
  25. 37:50 How to find any photo with search
  26. 39:26 How add photos from one album to another
  27. 42:09 Will Google ever kill Google Photos?
  28. 43:16 If I delete photos does that reduce my storage usage
  29. 44:10 Picasa could delete duplicates, why not Google Photos?
  30. 46:38 What are “memories” from OneDrive
  31. 47:55 Can I use both Google Photos and Apple iCloud
  32. 49:11 How to rename a group of photos
  33. 50:06 How to switch from Picasa to Google Photos
  34. 52:22 Can you delete frames from a motion photo
  35. 53:09 How to delete blurry photos automatically
  36. 53:35 If I add a photo from one album to another, can I delete it from the original album
  37. 54:55 Should I empty trash
  38. 55:33 Can I add photos from Google Photos to Family Tree Maker


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