Google Photos – Ask Chris Anything 10-18-21

Once each month, Geeks on Tour present a live-streaming, open Q&A session which is simulcast in 4 locations:

  1. YouTube Geeks on Tour channel
  2. YouTube Learn Google Photos channel
  3. Facebook Geeks on Tour page
  4. Facebook Learn Google Photos group

The links below will take you directly to the places in the video where we answer the question

  1. 0:00 Intro
  2. 3:31 PNG files and Ancestry
  3. 5:56 Drive for Desktop authentication error
  4. 9:00 Why no search when adding photos to album?
  5. 12:33 Getting photos from spouse’s account with partner sharing
  6. 13:54 Getting scanned photos to Google Photos
  7. 15:31Getting videos into YouTube
  8. 16:14 Duplicates
  9. 18:25 Increasing Google Drive storage at One
  10. 21:20 Seeing what photos are already in a particular album
  11. 23:08 Google photos in multiple accounts
  12. 26:30 Photo Library sort order
  13. 30:00 Albums view vs. Sharing tab
  14. 30:48 Are photos in albums duplicates of photos in library?
  15. 33:44 Missing photos – check trash, check account at
  16. 37:10 How to drag a folder from computer to Google Photos
  17. 40:30 How to change date of a photo
  18. 43:14 Restoring from trash
  19. 43:45 How do I find “camera roll”
  20. 45:02 How to copy from USB drive to Google Photos
  21. 46:52 Google Drive and connection to Google Photos with Drive for Desktop
  22. 49:57 How to upload immediately from the phone to Google Photos
  23. 52:51 How to use Snapseed on phone
  24. 54:44 Drive for Desktop not uploading photos to Google Photos
  25. 56:52 Hide from Library and Locked Folder on Pixel
  26. 59:05 Picasa stopped working
  27. 1:01:48 Fixing a photo that should be portrait but came out sideways
  28. 1:03:23 Further explanation of “Hide from Library”

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