Geeks Teach Google Photos at Central Florida Computer Society

Central Florida Computer Society,, meets at the Seminole county library just north of Orlando. This is not too far from the Thousand Trails RV park where we are members, so we used the meeting as an excuse to go RVing for the week.

Jim and Chris Guld, aka Mr. and Mrs. Geek outside their motorhome in Orlando, Florida
The CFCS group were joined by some members of CFGS, the Genealogical Society and they were really interested in learning about Google Photos. Everyone stayed well beyond our normal 1 1/2 hours, and we were able to demonstrate all aspects of our favorite program! 

  • How it can automatically gather your photos from phones, tablets, and computer hard drives
  • How to search for any picture, and explore what Google categorizes under people, places, and things
  • How fun it is to use the editing tools
  • How easy it is to create animations, collages, and movies
  • How to organize your photos into albums and then share them
Chris and Jim taking a selfie during their presentation to Central Florida Computer Society
We gave everyone a handout so they didn’t need to take notes. You can get the handout here.
If you have a computer club, genealogy group, or photography group, check out our calendar and see if we’ll be in your area at any time. Maybe we can teach you Google Photos too.

Meanwhile, thru the rest of December, we have a special deal for a printed copy of our brand new Mrs Geek’s Guide to Google Photos AND our complete learning library on USB drive.

If you were in the audience, we’d really appreciate hearing about what you learned. Please leave a comment here!

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