235 Google Photos for Travel Albums

  • 0:00 Begin
  • 1:40 Sharing a Google Photos album with a LINK
  • 5:25 Hello
  • 9:14 Our photos from Italy – getting the link
  • 11:42 Overview of a Google Photos Album, collaboration, videos, maps, descriptions, and more
  • 16:01 Travel photo albums – start on day one and add as you go.
  • 26:27 Edit first, then add
  • 28:03 Collaboration
  • 33:50 How to follow someone else’s album – “Join”
  • 34:33 Discussion of “Albums” vs “Folders” – and more q & a
  • 37:43 Leaving comments on a shared album. Album vs Activity
  • 39:44 Issues when opening a link – sometimes it doesn’t work, here’s why
  • 41:56 Album options: Location, Collaboration, Comments, Link sharing, Album Cover
  • 44:40 When you get home – download your album (see video: https://youtu.be/r1XGwPIFkCM) 48:08 Question: how to combine 2 albums
  • 52:31 Review Questions

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